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DIS date: 13 Jan 2021

DIS time: 14.00-15.00h

Counselor: Caby Kim

Monique de Graaf

How the current crisis is affecting the balance in the family, our work and our children.

In balance? but everyone wants attention

Monique will talk to you if you want to talk/spar about work and family in the current corona crisis.

The corona crisis affects us and our family in many ways. The boundaries between work and family have changed, due to working from home and the children being at home more often. In addition, more stress may have been caused by uncertainties about the chances of losing work and/or income. For almost everyone, there is something in the pillars of life that creates uncertainty and therefore more stress, during this special time with many changes.

  • Do you find that you experience more stress due to the imbalance between home and work?
  • Do you have to work in the evening on tasks that you normally get done during working hours?
  • Do you find yourself tossing and turning between the demands made on you?
  • Do you feel that you can only do everything halfway, and that you fall short in all areas?
  • Do you wake up feeling heavy and dreading the day?
  • Do you have trouble with focus and concentration?
  • Do you experience a lot of restlessness and don’t know how to balance yourself?
  • Is the atmosphere at home less, because the family members are all a bit more irritable than before?

It is now a different time and both your family and your work require attention.

Your family requires attention but so does your employer!


Because we know that sometimes it can be too much for you, and that you wonder how you will get through this time, Counseling For You organizes a DIS (Digital Walk-in Session)

entirely free of charge and without obligation.

Our counselor Monique guides this DIS where everyone can bring in his questions and experiences. We learn and support each other during this DIS, partly because talking about problems and experiences gives space and emotions are discharged.

DIS on vitality management

Caby Kim, as an experienced counsellor, will use her expertise in this DIS on vitality management.

This DIS is especially for employees of all the companies within and outside our network. Give yourself or your employee this gift that we give completely free of charge.

That which touches someone sets him in motion. Does this touch you? Or do you know someone who does?

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DIS date: 13 Jan 2021

DIS time: 14.00-15.00h

Counselor: Caby Kim

Monique de Graaf

How the current crisis is affecting the balance of our family, work and children.

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