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DIS date: 13 Jan 2021

DIS time: 14.00-15.00h

Counselor: Caby Kim

tom lonnee

conflict or imminent conflict?

Conflicts or the threat of conflict can have a major impact and cause a lot of tension, both at home and at work!

When a conflict is imminent there are a number of actions that are often done impulsively:

– Reporting sick
– Starting a lawsuit
– Resigning

– Gossip, negative atmosphere, camp-out and/or unproductiveness.
– Absenteeism, negative company image, opposition and even fraud:

– Reduced performance, illness or dismissal (by employer or employee).

As a traditional lawyer and jurist Tom found that the intense perception of the conflict often stood in the way of a solution. It is our perception of what is happening and our judgement of the other person, which can escalate a normal dispute.

This is why Tom has specialised in the psychology behind the perception of a dispute.

By clarifying and understanding your underlying psychological mechanisms, about 80% of the angry energy disappears from the conflict.

The remaining 20% is cleanly related to the conflict itself, which can then be resolved much more efficiently and sustainably. Often without legal interventions.


Any conflicts from a (distant) past that are still simmering and triggering in the here and now, the discussion of their underlying psychological experience can bring a lot of inner space and calm. A ‘personal’ conflict can be very drastic and causes a lot of tension. At home and at work!

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Just now, in this particularly difficult time where a lot of polarity arises due to differences of opinion about the current situation, we find it useful to contribute to greater understanding.

If you feel somewhere touched by this text and you want to know more about how to deal with conflicts in any area, feel welcome to join the DIS. In this DIS we listen to each other, share insights and share psycho-education on dealing with conflict.

DIS about conflict counseling

Tom, as an experienced counsellor, will use his expertise in this DIS on conflict counselling.

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DIS date: 28 Jan 2021

DIS time: 10.00-11.00h

Counselor: Tom Lonnee

tom lonnee

Conflict counselling; private or work related.

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