Counseling For You

Terms of Time Counseling For You

1 applicability of the terms
1.1         The terms and conditions apply to the Agreement made at Counseling for You between you, the client, and the counsellor as participants in the counselling session.

1.2         These conditions apply to an agreement between client and Counseling For You in which the client uses the services of Counseling For You.

1.3          If any provision of these conditions is found to be null and void, these conditions shall remain in force for the rest of the time

2 The Agreement
2.1         An agreement is made after the client has booked an appointment and agreed terms via the digital calendar and has received confirmation via your email address and has fulfilled the payment terms.

2.2         Counseling For You reserves the right to refuse a session if it is found that attending a session at Counseling For You is not justified. In that case, you will be notified as soon as possible, Counseling For You will not be liable for compensation for costs or damages as a result of not being able to participate in the treatment.

2.3         The client must be 18 years of age or older to be able to attend a session at Counseling For You. Younger clients need the permission from their authoritative parents or educators.

2.4         The agreement is valid for the duration of treatment.

3             Client obligations
3.1         The client must comply with all obligations required by Counseling For You.

3.2         The client guarantees that he/she effectively complies with and follows all the obligations and instructions from the terms and conditions.

3.3         The client has access to Pluform, which Counselling For You uses through a login code and password. The login code and password are connected to the client’s data. The client is responsible for carefully keeping the login/password secure. This is to prevent loss, theft or abuse by a third party. If loss, theft or abuse by and third party occurs, the client is required to report this to Counseling For You as soon as possible. The client is liable until the time of notification and acceptance of Counseling For You, itself liable for the damage seen from the use of the personal website of (Pluform) Counseling For You

3.4          If an appointment cannot be fulfilled, the client needs to inform Counseling For You at least 24 hours before the agreed session.

No refund will be granted if the appointment has been cancelled by the client within 24 hours of the agreed session.

4 Data Transfer
4.1        Counseling For You has a duty of confidentiality under the Professional Association to which the counsellor is affiliated. Counseling For You is not permitted to exchange data related to the session/client with third parties without the client’s consent.

4.2         Counseling For You is required, in the context of proper and careful treatment, to exchange data with the family doctor of the client, or other emergency service, in emergency cases, where a serious interest (incident) justifies the breach of confidentiality without the client’s consent. Counseling For You stresses that this is only in an emergency where life-threatening situations arise or are at risk.

5. Payment
5.1         Unless parties have otherwise agreed, the usual fees to be used by Counseling For You apply. The payment is made in advance of the sessions via the website. If payment is made via an invoice, the payment will be made on the invoice within the payment period as indicated. If the payment is not yet paid after this deadline, the client is deemed to failed payment and this could arise to legal action.

6. Termination
6.1        For both client and Counseling For You, there is the possibility of cancelling the agreement if it is found that the intended goal will not be achieved or that it is not medically responsible for the client to continue the treatments.

6.2         Counselling For You also reserves the right to terminate the cooperation with the client if the client has not been in contact over a period of time during the course of therapy.

7. Suspension and dissolution
 7.1        Counseling For You reserves the right to suspend obligations on the part of Counseling For You if:

1: The client fails to fulfill obligations arising from the agreement made < 4> < 5>2 and after concluding an agreement with Counseling for You, gives fair grounds to fear that the client will not fulfil his/her obligations. In this event, the suspension is only permitted in so far as the compensation justifies it. < 6> < 7>3: If Counseling For You suspends compliance with its obligations, it retains its claims under the law and agreement. The client will not be able to claim a refund of prepaid fees or damages.

4: Counseling For You reserves the right to claim compensation.

8. Force Majeure
None of the Parties can be considered as failing to fulfill any obligation within the agreement if the failure is due to an externality or reason outside of their control which are covered by law, legal action or lack off or access to the internet.

8.1         In addition to what is understood in law and case law, these terms and conditions mean all causes, foreseeable or not foregone by non-future causes, which the client or Counselling For You cannot exercise influence on, but which prevents the client or Counseling For You from fulfilling the obligations.

8.2  For both the client and Counselling For You, there is the possibility, during the period that force majeure continues, to cancel or resolve the obligations of the agreement until there are reasonable opportunities to continue contact.

9. Liability
9.1 The client should take into account, despite the fact that Counseling For You operates within best practice secure environment, the Internet may be unsafe. Counseling For You cannot be held liable for damages in any form caused by sending confidential information.