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By now it is clear to everyone that private problems can also have an impact at work. In some situations, the problem is so big that it can lead to absenteeism. To prevent this and to keep the focus of the employees on the work, we help employers in a very accessible way in the vitality of the company. No long courses, but short courses make the difference.

You’ve probably reached a point in your life where you’ve come to the conclusion that you’re not quite happy, and time seems to slip through your hands like sand. Maybe things are not going well at work, or maybe there are things at home that are distracting, stressful or making you unhappy. Maybe your relationship is not going well (because of that) and you’re just not comfortable in your own skin. Something has to change.

What is E-counseling?

Online support and more

E-counseling is also known by synonyms as online coaching, remote coaching, webcoaching, cybercoaching, digital coaching, icoaching, distance coaching and virtual coaching.

We use various forms where special software is used to enable e-counseling. These include chat, video coaching using a webcam, SMS counselling using a mobile phone, Skype counselling via chat and webcam, and telephone.

Why choose e-counselling?

  1. First of all, because online counselling has many advantages over face to face counselling, specifically the possibility of frequent contact with the counsellor makes behavioural change take place more quickly.
  2. But also because today’s society is undergoing a technical online development and therefore the need to be able to work online is increasing.
  3. Thirdly because of the rise of the New Way of Working, because the flexibility of arranging work and workplaces is highly popular and e-counselling as a flexible form of counselling fits in well with this new way of working.
  4. E-counselling is also an excellent addition or extension of already existing services such as after-care for training and education purposes. 

The benefits of E-counselling

Is it something for you?

Quickly to the point
Anonymity of chat or email counselling makes you more likely to drop socially desirable behaviour. Therefore there is more concentration on the content. If you write down your thoughts and emotions, you come closer to yourself and can therefore not remain superficial.

Saving time and money
E-counselling is not bound to time or place. That gives a lot of flexibility and saves you valuable time.

You can, at times convenient to you, read back the conversations in peace and quiet, which is impossible in face-to-face contact. A reflection on the own counselling conversation strengthens the consciousness, gives strength and self-confidence.

The prerequisite for personal development is a safe learning environment where you quickly feel at ease. During the chat coaching you remain in your own familiar environment which makes it easier to share thoughts and feelings.

Writing is essentially reordering your thoughts. You write down your emotions and thoughts so that you no longer have to be overwhelmed by these intense emotions in your daily life. Achieving goals ultimately benefits greatly from this method of self-efficacy.

Online counselling at Counseling for You works very simply and effectively: during the first meeting with your company and the challenges with your employee(s), we show what Counseling for You can do in this respect.

We then send an offer that fits the needs of your company and team(s) and in which selected counsellors are presented.

After there is an agreement between your company and Counseling for You, employees can schedule appointments with our counsellors in the special secure environment via our website.

In addition, we offer counselling to our employees.



I am Marianne Bartels, founder and coordinator of Counselling For You.

I am an empathic, decisive professional with many years of experience as a Coach, Business Social Worker/Corporate Counselor.

In conversation with you I will ensure that the best possible solution is found. My only goal is to help improve the productivity, happiness and the work-life balance in your company through the professionals of Counselling for You. 
Preventive (in addition to curative) use of business counselling means that there will be less long-term visible, but also especially invisible, absenteeism. 
If you want to get started with online counselling for your employees, book a no-obligation consultation now!


team counseling for you

About counselor | Monique


“I will often remember your enlightening conversations. Your insight and working method, I felt so heard from you. You showed me what went wrong and learned how to handle it. I go into the future with confidence.”

A grateful parent

“As parents, you have involved us in a pleasant and professional manner in the guidance process of our child. You held up a mirror to us and examined with us what the right way was to support our child as well as possible. ”


“The first conversation I had with Monique immediately felt very familiar. I could say anything I wanted and nothing was too crazy for her. She was always able to reassure me that I knew everything was going to be okay and that I didn't have to worry about my future. Looking back, I was very insecure when I came in, but I left with all the wisdom in hand and full confidence in myself. I got a lot out of the conversations. From insight games to just venting my heart. ”

A grateful parent

“Monique helped our daughter with her ADD challenges, fear of failure and self-confidence.
With creative work methods and a lot of patience, she always managed to hit the right chord and helped our daughter step by step in her development. A committed, patient, expert coach, which we warmly recommend. ”


"I could say anything to Monique, nothing was too crazy. She could reassure me and gave me the feeling that everything was going to be all right. Looking back, I was very insecure when I came in, but I left with all the wisdom and full confidence in myself. I got a lot out of the conversations. From insight games to just getting my heart out."


About counselor | Alize


“Alize is involved, she can listen very well and asks the right questions. I felt safe with her which helped me being vulnerable. Alize has been a great help to me. That is why I can recommend her wholeheartedly.”


“Alize has helped me understand what constantly moving and growing up in different cultures has done to me and how it has formed me. I have experienced the process with her as a warm blanket full of love and soft reflection.”


“Alize has taught me to get a better grip on my inner processes. Like no other she puts herself in someone else’s shoes. She is empathetic and compassionate, without being intrusive.”


“I have learned to take care of myself instead of only of others. I was never able to, because I always took care of my parents with their migration pain. It was never enough. This made me care endlessly.”


“I always lived with one foot in the Netherlands and the other in Nicaragua, even though I have already lived here for more than 20 years. Through the conversations with Alize I was able to make a new start in the Netherlands: I was finally able to fully live in one country.”


About counselor | Caby Kim


“Caby Kim has assisted me intensively in my daily practice through e-coaching. She stood next to me in business and private life and I really learned to think differently about situations and other people, but above all about myself. As a mother and manager I have grown enormously and balance plays an active role in my life now .“


“Caby Kim is an open-minded person, because of her thoroughness and personal guidance she really gave me the space to look deeply inside. As if I looked into my own inner mirror. Learning to really use insights keeps me in my powers. I can handle the truth again!”


“Caby Kim listens very well and knows how to bring you back to the core (so laughing away, talking around is no longer possible) She always knows how to hit the right chord. She asks the right questions and makes you think about why you do things, both mentally and physically.”


“Wow, I did not know that I had so many habits and patterns that kept me doing exactly what I want to get rid of. Cabykim listened so actively and it seemed like she knew me. The great thing is that my work, my self-esteem, my relationships, but also my diet and lifestyle have been up-graded!”


“We went deep and that's what I wanted to. We have written a lot within the coaching and that has a healing effect. Caby Kim is so open, sweet, confrontational and professional. It was not for nothing that she came on my path!”


“Caby Kim is a professional. Her way of coaching is so motivating and stimulating. Can't get enough. My theme is why I do what I do. You'll keep seeing me again!”


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